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Antoine Aizier, 24 years old born in France ( 06 / 02 / 1995 )

Site :


High School of Graphic Arts (St Vincent de Paul, Algrange, France)
High School Animation 2D, 3D (Albert Jacquard, Namur, Belgium)
Cultural Mediator (Museum of the image, Epinal, France)


2020, Publication in the art book "New Perspective" of "Contemporary art curator magazine"
2019, National Exhibition of Fine Arts at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris

2019, "contemporary trends" for the Merlino Gallery in Florence - ITALY
2019, published in the magazine "Modern art Master 2019" by PAKS GALLERY
2019, Art shopping with PAKS GALLERY at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris - FRANCE
2019, Radio interview "NRJ VOSGES"
2019, Brame des arts 3 mediatheque of Remiremont - FRANCE
2019, Public Prize at the International Art Festival in Luxeuil les Bains - FRANCE

2019, Conservatory of the furniture city of St Loup sur Semouse - FRANCE

2018, Espace Stanislas Plombières les Bains - Vosges - FRANCE

2018, Radio interview "Gue Mozot"

2018, Audience Award at Brame des Arts 2 Remiremont Cultural Center - FRANCE
2018, Restaurant the Residence in Val d'Ajol - FRANCE
2017, Public Prize at the Brame des Arts Espace Volunteer Remiremont - FRANCE


Techniques / styles:

Black ink (0.05pt to 0.8pt micron pen)
pens "Posca"
watercolor crayons "faber-castell"
"Touch" and "Promarker" alcohol felts


"I'm drawing forever since I can remember, and after I did study grafic arts and animation 2D,3D,

I did want to progress and extend my field of skills, then I was heading on something who's suits
me more, painting, carving, linogravure, glueing, sculptur, tatoo making..; 

My inspiration and univers is coming from a "Tiny slice of my dreams".
I transcribe them in different ways, with a mix of impressionnism, dot style and symbolism ; 
Every pieces is a part of a story, a travel, who's inviting you to let go and dream, and also,
as a little visual adventure, a character is hidding somewhere ; 
That character represents you, me, and gives a scale to the scene.
Side by side, you can start your own adventure .

The moon and the milky way, pretty often represented, are suggesting magic and dream.
Nature and architechture are harmoniously mixed up in these gigantic landscapes, where details matters.
It is like sitting in the grass, observing around, quietly hypnotised.

Filled with tiny details, these drawing are not only visual, out of sens, they inviting you to discover
a story and all its lines.
Do not miss the opportunity to take a boat to childhood and to discover that under each leaves of each 
trees, is hidding a soul, perhaps. There's no age for dreaming."

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